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  • 6 tea lights on a wood table.
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Scented Tea Light Variety Packs

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Try a variety of scents from our collection of book-inspired soy candles. Each box comes with six different scents so you can test them out before committing to a larger size. The variety packs also make perfect gifts!

The tea lights burn for 3-5 hours each and are best used all in one go, in a small space like a bathroom or office.


A selection of our most popular scents, across a variety of fragrance families.

Coffee Over Compliments • Circe • Dr. Watson • Don't Panic • Pemberley • Sherlock Holmes


A selection of some of our more unique scents, across a variety of fragrance families.

Anathema • Dragonstone • Greenhouse Three • Irene Adler • Moriarty • You're a Wizard


An assortment of gourmand and/or spiced scents to bring warmth to your space.

Bag End • Baba Yaga • Cinderella's Carriage • Gingerbread House • Humbug! • The Priory


Bring the outdoors inside with these woodsy, fresh scents.

A Dark and Stormy Night • Cottage in the Woods • October at Green Gables • Serafina Pekkala • The Ice Garden • Through the Wardrobe


Citrus and/or fruity scents to brighten up your space.

County Fair • Gatsby • Jade City • Mad Tea Party  The Giant Peach • The Headmaster


Our candles are hand poured in Kitchener, Ontario. For optimal burning, please always follow the instructions on the bottom of the candle.

100% soy wax & cotton wick

We use locally sourced, renewable and biodegradable soy wax, cotton wicks, and high quality fragrance oils. 

Go big or small

All Onset & Rime scents come in two sizes:

10 oz. glass jar, with a 50+ hour burn time to best enjoy your favourites.

4 oz. tin, great for gifting or trying a new scent.

Customer Reviews

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Cute and fun way to explore various scents

I'm really enjoying the 2 tealight variety packs I bought (The Starter and Warm & Cozy). It gives me the chance to try on a few different scents, figure out what I like. The tealights burn for a few hours; long enough to find out what I think, but if I don't like a scent, I'm not left with hours of it to burn. I've already identified a few favourites.