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Scented Tea Light Variety Packs

Scented Tea Light Variety Packs

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Try a variety of scents from our collection of book-inspired soy candles. Each box comes with six different scents so you can test them out before committing to a larger size. The variety packs also make perfect gifts!

The tea lights burn for 3-5 hours each and are best used all in one go, in a small space like a bathroom or office.


A selection of our most popular scents, across a variety of fragrance families.

Ordinary White Candle • Dr. Watson • Coffee Over Compliments • Bag End • Sherlock Holmes • Pemberley


A selection of some of our more unique scents, across a variety of fragrance families.

Greenhouse Three • Moriarty • Dragonstone • Anathema • Irene Adler • Golden Ticket


An assortment of comforting, spiced and gourmand scents to bring warmth to your space.

Humbug! • Le Cirque des Rêves • Baba Yaga • Il Bastone • You're a Wizard • Coffee Over Compliments


Bring the outdoors inside with these woodsy, fresh scents.

The Ice Garden • Serafina Pekkala • A Dark and Stormy Night • Through the Wardrobe • October at Green Gables • Cottage in the Woods


Features our fruity & citrusy scents for a bright addition to your home. 

Gatsby • Don't Panic • The Giant Peach • Circe • Frobscottle • Mad Tea Party


Our candles are hand poured in Kitchener, Ontario. For optimal burning, please always follow the instructions on the bottom of the candle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jennifer Knechtel
Great lavender scent

Lavender combination is great, has a bit of a different spin than other similar candles. Found a couple of the other scents a bit too strong. Price point seems high for size, but appreciate the quality and attention to detail.

Favourite gift to give!

The variety packs are my magical go-to gift for birthdays and Christmas! This is my fourth time purchasing them as a gift and they always get rave reviews from family and friends. Love the classic Starter pack if I'm still discovering what their scent preferences are, and Into the Woods for the coziest wintry vibes!

Cute and fun way to explore various scents

I'm really enjoying the 2 tealight variety packs I bought (The Starter and Warm & Cozy). It gives me the chance to try on a few different scents, figure out what I like. The tealights burn for a few hours; long enough to find out what I think, but if I don't like a scent, I'm not left with hours of it to burn. I've already identified a few favourites.

A special gift for your event

We offer discounted rates on bulk orders of our scented candles, and would love to work with you on gifts for your wedding, baby shower or next event. The options are endless!

  • Handmade

    All candles are hand poured by us, in Kitchener ON.

  • Soy Wax

    All candles are made with 100% soy wax + quality fragrance oils.

  • Exclusive Scents

    We offer unique scents, blended and perfected in-house.

  • Book-inspired

    Our scents are made for book lovers, by book lovers.