A story of two sisters.

Michelle (right) & Jackie (left) eating ice cream together as kids


Once upon a time, in Kitchener, Ontario, a 4-year old named Jackie became a big sister. Jackie and her little sister, Michelle, grew up together as most sisters do—playing, dreaming, and fighting over the bathroom.

One day, Jackie was reading a book, as she frequently did. This particular book had the most lovely descriptions of places and people. And like many book lovers, she couldn’t help but wish she could exist in those places. Smell the smells, really experience the story, you know?

So she started imagining what Green Gables might actually smell like during October and what scents would be floating in the air at a Mad Tea Party. She shared these ideas with Michelle, and the two sisters frequently talked about how cool it would be as a business concept. A new way to enjoy your favourite book.

The idea resurfaced from time to time until, in early 2020, the sisters decided to go for it.