Candle Care

For optimal burning, please always follow the instructions on the bottom of the candle.

Why is the candle wax not melting all the way to the edges as it burns down?

Get the most out of your candle by burning it for at least a couple hours at a time. This is especially important the first time you light it - make sure that the wax pool goes all the way to the edge of the glass. This will prevent the candle from tunneling the next time you light it.

Why is the candle turning grey/sooty?

There are a few reasons your candle might be smoky or turning a grey colour after burning.
  1. The wick is too long. Trim the wick to ¼ inch before lighting every time. You can use a wick trimmer, or even a pair of nail trimmers.
  2. The candle is in a drafty space. Keep it away from moving air to avoid soot marked glass and grey wax. Also try to snuff it out instead of blowing it out.
  3. It’s lit for too long. Don’t burn your candles for longer than 3-4 hours at a time (although they should be lit for a few hours to prevent tunnelling). Make sure the wax has hardened before lighting again.

Other Common Questions

How long do the candles burn for?

Our 10 oz. candles burn for 50+ hours.

Why does it look like there are air bubbles at the side of the candle?

This is normal! We use soy wax in our candles, and as it hardens after being poured, it can lose its grip on the sides of the jar. The wax sort of shrinks. It does not affect the way that your Onset & Rime candle burns.

What do your candles smell like?

Our candles are all scented with various blends of fragrances. We do our best to describe the blend using scent notes and a description on each candle listing. In the description, you'll see two fragrance families listed. You'll also see the scent notes split out into top, middle and base notes. Read more about fragrance families and scent notes here, or send us an email at hello@onsetandrime.ca if you want to know more about a scent!

Do you ship to the US or Internationally?

We only ship domestically to Canadian addresses at the moment.

Can we find your candles in stores?

You can find our candles online on our website, and also at Gifted Waterloo.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

We accept returns of unused candles up to 10 days after delivery. If your order arrives damaged, please contact us immediately with photos of the damaged item so we can help you. See our full return policies here.


Please send us your questions at hello@onsetandrime.ca or DM us on Instagram.